Loving our Neighbors, Near and Far

This week’s blog is written by a guest writer – Joyce Hanson Saul, member of Holy Cross and Stewardship chairperson.

Last spring when Al and I were returning from AZ, we stopped for a late dinner in Bullhead City at McDonald’s (egg McMuffin).  We watched the positive interaction of a family near us: young father (black), young mother (white) and four children about ages of 18 months to 10 years, all eating cheese burgers.  Conversation, humor, and no cell phones!

I went over to the father and asked if I could speak to him.  As he stood, I told him how much we enjoyed watching his children.  His response, “Oh they are not my children.  They are my sisters and brother.  They were taken away from my parents by the court and going to foster homes.  I could not let that happen.  I went to court and adopted all of them.  My girlfriend has agreed to marry me and help raise them.”  Not at all what I expected to hear!  Al and I bought the family ice cream cones.

We just never know about situations of our neighbors we meet.  How easy it is to judge others and not know of their situations in life.  How easy it is to ignore and not respond. To be so caught up in our own lives.


The above encounter is with persons we will never meet again.  But there are neighbors close to where we live.  Life gets hectic and we often ignore or do not even know the names of our immediate neighbors.  Holy Cross is doing several things in our neighborhood through our Faith In Action Committee with Washington Elementary School (weekend snacks for homeless children and the approaching annual coat drive). Also with the Thanksgiving dinner for the community.

Do you know the people who live next door to you or across the street?  Maybe it is time to stretch out and meet them.

God has blessed us abundantly.  Our response to this generosity is to care for God’s world and all our neighbors near and far.mcdonalds_vanillaic.jpg