Education – a rising tide lifts all boats

Maybe one way we can change the world is through education.

Our ability to heed Christ’s call to love one another is dependent, in no small measure, on our ability to understand one another.  Understanding, in turn, requires education. More than a decade ago, Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Salem, Oregon began an endowment fund, in part, to foster educational opportunities for those connected to our church community.   We believe that education is more important than ever today, given the fractured and contentious world we live in where understanding and empathy seem to be in short supply.

It has taken Holy Cross a number of years to arrive at the place where we are ready to begin awarding scholarships but this year we are pleased to say that we have finally arrived.  Specifically, in 2019 we hope to award at least four $500 scholarships for college or vocational school education. Perhaps more scholarships will be awarded depending upon our ability to fund them.

rising tideTo preserve as much of our resources as possible (we have approximately $26,000 in an ELCA investment fund) we are attempting to raise additional funds dedicated specifically to 2019 scholarships.  Thus far, we have received 5 applications from very worthy young people, and we may receive more before the application deadline, which is  May 1, 2019.  To date, we have raised $1,500 dedicated to those 2019 scholarships so we are a bit short our goals.

As always, there are many worthy causes that pull on our resources, but if you feel led to assist us in our scholarship drive we would be very grateful.

A rising Tide lifts All boats. Education changes things. If you choose to make a contribution please make it payable to Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 1998 Lansing Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301,  but indicate “endowment scholarships” in the memo portion.  Thank you for your time! – Steve Tweet, Endowment Committee Chairperson