Being scared – a Thomas story

This week our gospel reading is from John 20 – the account of what happened after Mary Magdalene saw the risen Christ and told the disciples, “I have seen the Lord.”

Everyone can identify with getting scared.  Just today my son had a dragonfly fly right in his face, and it scared him for a minute.  All the disciples were scared after Jesus died, because the powerful people who had killed Jesus, might be after them! so they hid, and were scared. Jesus came to them, and breathed on them, letting them know that they did not need to be afraid. 

Thomas, a disciple who missed that first meeting with Jesus was still scared, and he said he didn’t believe in Jesus coming back to life – that he would need to see for himself.

We all get scared sometimes, and the things we say or the way we say them looks like we are mad, or mean, but really we are just sad. Jesus can handle our fears, and our sadness. He can help us to lean on his strength in hard times.

Here’s a video I made of a children’s sermon all about this – hope you can enjoy it!

Also, I found this great Family Sunday School Lesson you might like  all about Thomas!-


enjoy and remember I love you – Pastor P+