Weather update 7 am 2/10/19

Folks, Pastor Joe and I just drove from Keizer to Holy Cross and to West Salem. The roads look very good, and there is evidence the de-icing truck has been through.  Actually, except for small patches of icy spots on a few curves, we encountered no problems at all once we left our residential street. In fact, the streets in our subdivision still have 1/2 an inch of snowy accumulation on them here in Keizer.

SO, we will HAVE WORSHIP and our other Events as planned today at Holy Cross. Use your own discretion based on YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD and YOUR Comfort Zone.

The parking lot at Holy Cross is clear.  I am heading back to church in a few minutes. God bless you

Pastor Patricia+

Be mindful! Feb 10th we will have Worship at Holy Cross at 9:30am

Folks, its very possible that conditions could change, but at the moment the weather predictions look prettty good for us to be able to join for worship at Holy Cross tomorrow, February 10th at 9:30 am.

Use your own judgement! Every neighborhood seems to be its own climate system! But there is no predicted precipitation for tonights below freezing hours. So, if that continues there would not be a problem with ice on the roadways. Watch the weather, and the news and make the choice best for you.

We have a full day planned at Holy Cross with a 10:45 conversation time in the gym that will be focused on hearing the voices of the congregation about the way we are called to move forward in mission.  Also, Confirmation is at 12:30 pm. And the youth group is collecting refundable cans and bottles after worship! So, I am hoping for a productive busy Holy Cross Sunday.

But, hear this well, make the best decision for you based on safety!  God’s blessings – Pastor Patricia+ (In consultation with the Holy Cross Council)

Weekly Information from Holy Cross

Hello, everyone!  Here’s your weekly blast with some new information about the youth bottle drive, girl scout cookies for sale, and a special word from Pastor Patricia.


Let’s all stay safe during this cold weather and the potential for more snow!