Children in Worship

Children are welcome in our service!  Relax!  God put the wiggle in children; don’t feel like you have to suppress it in God’s house.

Children are a part of our worship!  Each Sunday that we have a pastor conducting the service, they will invite the children to join he/him  at the Baptismal Font for a children’s sermon.

Before Covid  and to continue when restrictions are lifted:

During Communion, children are invited to help distribute the bread and wine to the congregation.  They even serve the pastor Communion!  Several times during the year the children collect a Noisy Offering, taking decorated cans out to the congregation to collect their loose change.  And, yes, it does get noisy!  At the end of the Noisy Offering season the children will decide how to spend the money they have collected.  Will they buy a pig for a family in Africa, help buy food for the food bank, or donate the offerings to a project at our church?  The kids will decide!

Ideas to help your children and you!  Feel free to sit near the front where it is easy for children to see and hear.  We have Busy Bags by the front door to the sanctuary.  The bags are filled with books, toys, color crayons and the like.  Let your child grab one to bring to their pew.  At the back of the sanctuary is our Creation Station.  You are invited to let your children color and draw at the station whenever it gets too hard to sit during the service.

Nursery – If you prefer, we do have a nursery with an attendant.  You may bring your young child the nursery during service at any time.  An usher can help direct you to the nursery.  The attendant will bring the children into the sanctuary for the children’s sermon and for communion.