August 2017

9:30 AM Worship Participants

Worship Coordinator: Worship, Music and the Arts Committee


August 6                  Worship Assistant   -  Judy Ruscoe                                                   
   Lector        -         Jeff Ruscoe
 Communion Asst  -  Jeff Ruscoe

                      Acolyte      -   Angie Olvera

August 13 Worship Assistant - Karen Halvorson

Lector - Erick Nyquest

Communion Asst.  - Erick Nyquest

Acolyte - TBD

August 20 Worship Assistant - Kathy Mears

Lector - Reva Hopkins Evans

Communion Asst.  - Nita Porter

Acolyte - TBD

August 27 Worship Assistant - Lonnie Jensen

  Lector - Margo Jensen

Communion Asst.  - Margo Jensen

Acolyte - TBD

Altar Workers: Daphne Bentsen

Margo Jensen

Chris Goodman

Reva Hopkins-Evans


Usher (s):

Al Saul

Coffee Hour: See the sign up sheet!

August  6 -  Jack Ruscoe

August  13-

August  20 Faith in Action

August  27-

Flowers Given By:

Sign up on the 2017 flower chart in the narthex!


August  6 -  Greg Bowers

For Moms 80th Birthday

August  13-

August  20 Kim Gales

For Birthdays

August  27 Greg and Connie Bowers

For Pastors Birthday




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