Special Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with Word and Music

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Christmas Eve Candlelight Service of Word and Music

Friday – December 24, 2021

Recording of the Service 

 Readers – Lorraine Odell & Bryan Struve 

Music — Choir and Congregation

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Next in-person Service is  Sunday January 2, 2022 at 10:00A.M

Masks and social distancing required



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Christmas gifts and Food Boxes for 9 NINE

Yesterday, December 15, 2021 saw the culmination of shopping, praying, wrapping, and packing Christmas gifts and Food Boxes for 9 NINE families of Washington Elementary students’ families.  Originally we were planning to provide for 7 families but due to additional support from GIVING people and Thrivent Action Cards we were able to add 2 more families in need.  What a blessing to be able to help at the time we celebrate the Birth of Jesus.  Thank you to Gae Nichols and Suzanne Steven our frontline folks for this special project.  You 2 are AWESOME.  Bless everyone with God’s bounty as we move to 2022!!