Music and a Christmas Pageant for all generations

Just before Christmas this year, Holy Cross featured wonderful music, and an intergenerational Christmas Pageant. Sure, in both cases we told the story of the Savior of the World coming in humble estate. In both cases we talked about the birth being announced by a prophet foretold for generations.

And in both cases we had a lot of fun. In Worship, and after. The Joy of the Christmas season is often best seen reflected in the faces of young and old, known and unknown, as we share Christmas together.

We share Christmas again this sunday, December 29th at 9:30 am for Lessons and Carols (you pick the carols). Won’t you join us?

Gathering in

As Autumn comes to a close, the theme of of “Gathering in” fades from our thoughts- replaced with Winter and Christmas themes. But, let’s pause today to think about this idea of “Gathering in”. It’s important. It’s about life. It’s about church.

I live in a rural area, just outside of Salem, and I pastor a church in Salem, Oregon, state capital and busy city. When I drive into Salem, during these past few months, I have occasionally been sidelined or at least slowed down by farm machinery on the roads. It was harvest time, you see, and everything was being gathered – hops, berries, apples, hay, grass seed and more. I kind of like being slowed down by these machines (though I don’t admit it then) because I enjoy being a witness to the Ingathering of the Plenty all around us. Why don’t we talk about that visual of plenty more? Continue reading “Gathering in”

So Great a Cloud of Witnesses – 2019

This is our second anniversary displaying our Great Cloud of Witnesses – and so we post this blog again, to remind us of the richness we gain by reflection! – It started as an idea, picked up from the Lutheran church in Coos Bay, at an information sharing/collaborative meeting in Corvallis last year. The names of all those buried from our church. In a mobile. Hung in the sanctuary of the church for all to see. But why?

Continue reading “So Great a Cloud of Witnesses – 2019”

Bilingual Worship at Holy Cross

Holy Cross Lutheran Church enjoyed their first bilingual service today, with Manuel Borbon, as our special guest preacher and presider.  The choir sang in both English and Spanish , and the Mariachi band was amazing!