Action in Community

Throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus Christ at work in the world, ministering to a small group of disciples, as well as to large groups, and teaching and encouraging others to care. But, how does this translate for us in today’s world? At Holy Cross, we talk a lot about the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, which was given at Pentecost to inspire followers of Jesus who were bereft following His death and resurrection, and ultimate ascension. Have you felt that? In today’s world, we all share the loss of people we love or admire who have died, and, even as we are comforted by God’s assurance of their life in heaven, it feels like we’ve been left behind. The Holy Spirit is what created the Church, and is at work in the Church today. It is this gift of God that inspires us to change the world one action at a time. At Holy Cross, we talk about how we are called to change the world through action – loving your neighbors, caring for the suffering, standing up for social change. We are called to Live Out Our Mission in the world – as we volunteer with local ministries like Interfaith Hospitality Network (Family Promise), as our Faith in Action team fills backpacks for Washington Elementary, or shows a movie for local families in our gym. We raise money to send youth to mission events, and to camp. At Holy Cross, a group of knitters and crocheters gather monthly to create prayer shawls that comfort those in hospitals or care facilities. Our Garden Camp at La Casita has helped local children learn about growing their own food, and creating tasty meals for 7 years now.

As pastor to this flock, I have had many conversations with people about what God is calling them to do. The answers vary, as the spirit of God speaks to each of us in a voice we can hear. We know that coming to church, praying and reading the bible are ways to fill up our cup, to become closer to God, and teach us to navigate in a changing world. But until we take some action for the cross of Christ, our work is not done. At Holy Cross, we Live Our Mission, together, praying God’s direction and mercy for our hurting world.