Taking a walk with Jesus

rembrandt-emmausThe narrative in the Gospel of Luke, the 24th chapter, is a post resurrection story. Yet, here we are in the church, in the season of Lent, where we consciously choose to follow the path of Jesus along the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Pain, or the Way of Sorrow, as he goes to his death on the cross. I find great significance in my own life by connecting with the hard story of Jesus’ death – I don’t do it daily, my friends, but I try to do so every Lent, to remind me that the story of God’s love for me involved hard choices, painful ones. And Jesus chose me everytime, out of His great love for me. But I am a stubborn creature, and if you talk to me about pain and suffering too many times, I will begin to tune you out! And so I offer two journeys of Christ this Lent to you, and all our friends who attend Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Salem, Oregon. Because Life as a follower of Jesus is about so much more than pain. It’s about renewal, and joy, and light heartedness.

This Lent, every Wednesday at 6:30pm, in the sanctuary at Holy Cross, we will chat about The Walk to Emmaus. A walk with the resurrected Jesus that is filled with hope.  Jesus journeys with two followers who are sad and broken – Jesus has been crucified, and they are sad. They even mention the rumor that says Jesus has defeated death, but they are afraid to trust that rumor.

And Jesus comforts them, teaches them, joins them on their walk.

This narrative will buoy any of us who struggle, and remind us of the love of the God who created us.  So, won’t you read the account this week? and every week in Lent? We will talk about it on Wednesday evenings, and draw strength from it.

Walking Alongside – Jesus is doing that with us, friends, and we are called to emulate Him in our own lives. Walk Alongside those in pain, or sorrow, friends. Or in need. Walking together is better than walking alone.  – bless you Pastor P+