In light & Darkness – a lifelong journey on one everchanging path.

Today’s blog is written by Gail Struve, member of Holy Cross Church Council – enjoy!
“This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine”… a song I remember singing since I was
four years old or younger. I was taught to look towards the light from an early age. As
far as I was concerned, I knew nothing other than living in God’s light. I was blessed to
know that I was a part of God’s family and I never doubted that (that doesn’t mean to
say my faith never wavered). My family raised me in the Lutheran faith, in which I was
baptized as a baby, had my first communion, was confirmed and supported by
numerous summer bible camps, and went on to attend a Lutheran college.
Of course, darkness was always there, but I didn’t know darkness in a way that would
ever shake me to the core. Continue reading “In light & Darkness – a lifelong journey on one everchanging path.”

An Intentional Response to God’s Love

Our blog today is written by Loran Sell – and addresses the stewardship of our church, and we think it applies to many of you – Hope you enjoy reading it – Like many congregations this time of year, Holy Cross Lutheran is having a stewardship drive to help determine our next year’s budget.  In our congregation several of the church leaders have been asked to give temple talks on stewardship themes. The theme that I’m talking on to assist people in determining the amount to pledge is, ”An Intentional Response to God’s Love.” Continue reading “An Intentional Response to God’s Love”

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Today’s blog is written by guest bloggers, Steve and Naomi Tweet. They will be sharing this essay during worship this coming Sunday, October 13th.

Naomi and I were asked to talk about ordinary people who do extraordinary things.  As part of a church, the two of us have seen how God uses each of us, though we are just one, in ways that have lasting effect. And as we thought about this subject some more, we realized we wanted to talk about one person –  someone we knew well, my Dad, Arthur Orlando Tweet.  It is really a story many of you could tell in one form or another about one of your loved ones or friends, who without fanfare did some extraordinary things. Continue reading “Ordinary people doing extraordinary things”

Loving our Neighbors, Near and Far

This week’s blog is written by a guest writer – Joyce Hanson Saul, member of Holy Cross and Stewardship chairperson.

Last spring when Al and I were returning from AZ, we stopped for a late dinner in Bullhead City at McDonald’s (egg McMuffin).  We watched the positive interaction of a family near us: young father (black), young mother (white) and four children about ages of 18 months to 10 years, all eating cheese burgers.  Conversation, humor, and no cell phones! Continue reading “Loving our Neighbors, Near and Far”

Why we walk – Out of the Darkness

Again this year, on Sept 28th, at the Salem Capital steps, we will walk to support people struggling with the issue of Suicide. Some will have experienced the death of a loved one to suicide. Some are struggling with their own issues around suicide. Join us  – we gather about 9 and the walk officially begins at 10:30am.  But I have attached an article from last year’s Western Oregon newspaper which summarizes the event so well, I thought you should read what Bailey Thompson | News Editor had to say:  Continue reading “Why we walk – Out of the Darkness”