Love Shows Up

Love Shows Up! – At Easter, in our lives, and we ought to pay attention. This week at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Salem, Oregon, we had Love Show up in a couple of ways – first some amazing young men from Blanchet (Catholic School here in Salem) showed up to add their artistic touches to our Garden!  The Garden is already wonderful – its a joint project of my church, and La Casita – the little house which is a ministry to our neighborhood here at the corner of Sunnyview and Lansing – it features a Thursday coffee time for local mothers and young children, as well as the amazing Garden which the La Casita ladies plant and maintain the last few years (Holy Cross planted it for a few years to start). We have Garden Club every summer in there for local kids, too. But these young men showed up and painted the Garden in such a wonderful, whimsical way! We are so pleased!IMG_3281 Continue reading “Love Shows Up”


My husband Joe and I were in the Garden of Gethsemane in late January. The olive trees, gnarled and old, will stay with me for a long time. Our guide told us some olive trees live up to 2000 years. So, the olive trees we gazed upon that day are connected, somehow to the olive trees that Jesus was among on his last night with friends.  Continue reading “Gethsemane”

Tragedy on all fronts

The memories come back for me, of four little girls killed in the bombing of a church, September 15, 1963, in Birmingham Alabama. I was a little girl, and yet I have a wisp of a memory. Years later I would watch the documentary and begin to get the facts straight in my own mind. These acts of burning traditionally black churches are designed I suppose to be an attack on the black community, and yet they seem to me nothing so noble, rather, they are simply acts of hatred. Continue reading “Tragedy on all fronts”

Walking Alongside – then what?

A vision of two people walking a dusty road for seven miles as they leave Jerusalem, heading toward Emmaus. Their steps are heavy, but I do not see them as broken. Their story is recounted in Luke’s Gospel, chapter 24. They are Cleopas and the other one, who leave on Easter Sunday, headed home. But we had hoped, is the phrase that defines this walk. They had hoped that He (Jesus) was the one to redeem Israel. Perhaps you know the story. These two are joined by a third, who asks questions, and is told the story of the one these two were following, and of his death. They have heard from some women in thier company that he has not stayed dead, but they are not convinced.  Continue reading “Walking Alongside – then what?”

Our hearts – connected

You can find anything on Amazon. or pretty close. I found the picture with this blog when I searched for intertwined hearts. Apparently there’s even a person who will create heart shaped horseshoes for a price. Kind of cool. But that’s not what I was thinking of. I am thinking of the narrative in Luke often called the prodigal son. The story is well known, and you may think you ‘get it’. But maybe not. Because the narrative of the Prodigal son found in Luke 15 is layered with love. It is a story of a family, like so many.  Continue reading “Our hearts – connected”